Stockholm – Art

Galleri Magnus Karlsson

This gallery was founded in 1990 with an original location nearly 100km west of Stockholm. The gallery officially moved to the city in 1997 and showcases the works of emerging artists from across Sweden. It has been home to an array of international art fairs and events and continues to co-produce projects with other museums and galleries. It is located on the ground floor of The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts and is well known as a place that artists can meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals.


This art venue focuses on international arts, foods, events and activities, 20 minutes from the centre of Stockholm. The location consists of 32,000 square feet of exhibit and activity spaces, including a 13,000 square foot studio for events, concerts and other art exhibitions. Children can enjoy activity spaces specifically designed for them, and two restaurants are also located on the campus featuring sea views.