Uppsala – Travel Requirements

Sweden is a member of the Schengen Agreement. For countries that have implemented this treaty, no border controls exist. It should be noted that not all EU members are also members of this treaty. Requirements vary greatly and differ between requirements for passports from EU and non-EU countries. For those that require a Schengen visa, basic requirements include the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Passport with at least two blank pages and valid for at least three months
  • Passport-sized ID photograph
  • Copies of any previous Schengen visas, if applicable
  • Application fee (average 60 Euros for most applications and 35 Euros for children between 6 and 12, with no application fee for children under 5)
  • Proof of finances
  • Proof of travel arrangements

It should be noted that Sweden also allows for working holiday visas for students.

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Uppsala Centre for National Service

Visiting address: Bolandsgatan 16 A, Uppsala

Opening hours

Monday 09.00–12.00
Tuesday 09.00–12.00
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Scheduled appointments:
Monday 09.00–15.00
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Type of office

  • Extend residence permit (asylum)
  • Service Centre